Electrolux Professional has launched a new steam ironer to complement its popular range of myPRO washing machines and dryers. The myPRO IS185 steam ironer can increase productivity for a range of small businesses, including B&Bs, restaurants, compact laundries, as well as care homes, thanks to its range of flexible program options.

Able to process a variety of fabric types, the myPRO ironer offers five temperature settings, and features a wide 85cm roller and a flexible foot-controlled pedal to determine the roller speed. It can also be used to complement a broader range of Electrolux Professional equipment, including its popular range of Line 5000 commercial washers and dryers.

The myPRO IS185 model is perfect for businesses with smaller available workspace due to its compact, foldable design, which occupies the same amount of space as a standard chair (52x40x100cm) when the stainless steel top is folded away. The water tank can be easily filled on the go if the steam ironer is required to move freely between rooms, offering full flexibility and productivity in any laundry environment.

Electrolux Professional said that thanks to the long-lasting steam produced by its 1.9l capacity water tank, the IS185 ironer can remove creases in fabric faster than domestic irons, making it ideally suited for processing table linen, napkins, pillow cases, as well as staff uniforms and general clothing items.

Mick Christian, regional training and demonstration manager – laundry at Electrolux Professional UK said: “The myPRO steam ironer is an ideal investment for any small business which is looking to increase productivity while maintaining high quality finishes to its laundry.

“Using the myPRO steam iron means that laundry staff can manage their time better by spending less time ironing by hand, and instead use suitable equipment that is flexible to the needs of a small business.”