Generation 3000 from Electrolux Laundry Systems is a bold, new approach to laundry systems. Every laundry operation is different and that’s why Electrolux has developed Generation 3000. Based on its well-proven laundry process expertise, Electrolux has developed equipment that can truly meet your particular needs. Whether you run a small self service laundry or a large professional operation, Electrolux now has a wider range of products and options so that a laundry solution can be tailored to meet your requirements precisely.

Right functions

For each model, you can choose exactly the right functions and options to make it part of a system designed to give you a complete customised laundry solution. You will achieve improved washing and drying performance and save on water, energy and detergents. All with the quality, reliability and support you expect from Electrolux Laundry Systems.

The Generation 3000 has a washer extractor for every sector of the market. Where there were six sizes of washer extractor, there are now nine, and dryers to match. The new machines have advanced features such as Clarus control, residual moisture control and heat recovery systems and they have been designed using fewer parts which means faster, easier servicing.

The range includes normal and high-spin washer extractors, barrier washer extractors, hydro extractors, tumble dryers, flatwork ironers, finishing equipment and payment systems. All products are designed and built to the highest quality and safety standards and with respect for the environment.

The new washer extractors come with a wide range of options and features such as Exacta control providing up to 28 different wash programs plus extra functions incorporating pre wash, a quick program, rinse stop and extra rinse. The Automatic Weighing System ensures that only the right amount of water is used for each load, saving as much as 25%, with proportional energy and detergent savings. Additionally, the highly efficient extraction sequence minimises the final moisture content, giving further time and energy savings in finishing.

All Generation 3000 wash extractors are prepared for either manual dosage of powder detergents or connection to a system for liquid injection, or a combination of both.

User friendly features

Generation 3000 washer extractors are all equipped with user-friendly features. For ease of loading and unloading Generation 3000 machines have an enlarged door opening and door hinges that allow the door to be open wide for easy access. The operating panels are clear and simple, with only one button for each function. The ergonomic design of the door handle and the new door gasket combine to reduce the strain on the wrist when opening the door, and the new end of programme sequence makes it possible to open the door immediately after the drum has stopped rotating. The new washer extractors are quiet in operation, adding to the comfort of the working environment.

Generation 3000 machines are designed so that servicing can be carried out easily from either the front or the top of the machine. The generous space inside the machine ensures easy access to all components and controls. Because of the single platform and modular based design servicing is quick and simple. Service organisations need to learn the technology for only one platform, and the availability of spare parts is improved.

Tumble dryers

The Generation 3000 range of tumble dryers offer a wide selection of capacities, heating alternatives and control panels along with several options and accessories to create a range of tumble dryers that really meets your laundry needs.

Generation 3000 tumble dryers shorten drying times and provide the most efficient operation available. Electronically controlled drying cycles with automatic temperature control ensure that selected temperature levels are maintained.

The new tumble dryers can dry at least two full loads of pure cotton fabric with 50 percent moisture every hour. Generation 3000 tumble dryers with axial airflow are 20 percent more efficient than our previous models, using about 1kWh per litre of water evaporated, equivalent to only 0.5kWh per kilogram load. This will give operators substantial savings on their energy bills.

Generation 3000 dryers come with customised users panels which can be adapted to the unique requirements of both self service and professional laundries. All panels have simple pictogram operating instructions making it easy to program drying cycles to meet your specific laundry needs.

Safety features

To take the strain out of loading and unloading, door openings have been enlarged for maximum accessibility, with doors opening almost 180 degrees. Noise levels are kept below 70dB(A) during operation, making for a pleasant working environment. Maximum user safety is assured with dryers stopping automatically when the door is opened, and the cabinet is fully enclosed to prevent access to moving parts. Machines are equipped with overheat protection and a temperature sensor that turns off the heat if the airflow is clogged.