The VSRT from Fulton – the company’s all-new vertical spiral-rib tubeless steam boiler – has ultra-low NOx emissions and high efficiencies, and now comes with a 10-year warranty on the pressure vessel, double that of the industry standard.

Fulton sales and marketing manager Leigh Bryan said: “The unique spiral-rib design of the VSRT creates a longer-lasting boiler that we believe will beat the competition in every category of durability so we have decided to include a 10-year warranty on the pressure vessel as standard.”

The patented spiral-rib heat exchanger design – a result of the company’s ‘Pure Technology’ approach to systems engineering – not only allows Fulton to improve boiler efficiency but, with virtually zero thermal stress and a thick-walled construction featuring vertical tubeless design architecture, the VSRT is one of the most durable steam boilers available.

The VSRT is available with outputs from 160 to 960 kg/h and boasts low NOx emissions of less than 20ppm that are achieved thanks to its purposely-designed combustion technology.

Fulton confirmed that a much larger VSRT model with a steam output of approximately 4,000 kg/h is planned for early 2019 and will benefit from the same 10-year warranty on the pressure vessel.

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