The Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC), a non-profit organisation for inspecting and accrediting laundries serving hospitals and healthcare businesses, is seeking nominations for its board of directors for 2017-19. The deadline for nominations is 30 September.

HLAC's mission is to publish high standards for processing healthcare textiles in laundries and to recognise those laundries that meet them.

The HLAC board of directors consists of four classes of directors. For 2017-2019, there are open positions in two director classes. The two classes with open positions are Class One, which represents textile maintenance companies (i.e. these are owner and/or operators of non-cooperative or in-house laundries) engaged in healthcare textile processing; and Class Two, which represents associations interested in healthcare textile processing such as, but not limited to, AHE, AORN, APIC, ALM, IAHTM, ARTA, ALM, or AAMI (applicant will require a letter of approval from the representative association).