Hoffman/New Yorker is celebrating its 100th year of business. The company is introducing an innovative product designed to offer the drycleaner an alternative to the constant problem of unskilled and unavailable labour.

The company has concentrated on developing equipment which deskills the finishing operation to allow for the training of new employees in the shortest period of time. The equipment will be on display with scheduled demonstrations.

Also on show will be Hoffman’s standard models, which have been sold for many years, and which have been modified to meet the needs of today’s drycleaning plants.

Hoffman will show the equipment necessary to equip a complete drycleaning plant starting with drycleaning machines, using any of the solvents available today.

A variety of garment finishing stations created for use in small to large plants, and shirt pressing stations will be displayed.

Trained staff will answer questions not only about the equipment on display, but also about all the equipment Hoffman manufactures.