Over 80 members of International Drycleaners Congress from eight countries gathered in Las Vegas on Thursday 8 June for the 2017 IDC conference and dinner. The conference followed attendance at the Clean Show and was an opportunity to hear about practical solutions to new business developments in the textile care industry as well as discuss with like-minded colleagues some of the innovative products seen at the Show.

Topics covered in the conference were:

Zengeler Cleaners History and Business Philosophy – an overview of the 160+ year history of Zengeler Cleaners in Illinois including the importance of staying true to the company's core values whilst adapting to the changes in the industry technology and the ever evolving needs of customers. This was presented by Tom Zengeler, president of the family-owned business.

An examination of how 24-hour lockers and automation are driving growth and profitability for drycleaners was a joint presentation between Chris Moreno of Laundry Locker and Dave Suber of Perfect Cleaners in Los Angeles. Chris spoke about how 24-hour lockers, home delivery and automated technologies continue to help drycleaners and launderers to be more efficient and grow their business whilst Dave shared his experience from an application viewpoint and how it had led to increased customer acquisition and profitability.

The benefits of wetcleaning was presented by Dino Kantzavelos of TSC Wetclean, a 100% wetcleaning business based in Toronto, Ontario. Whilst highlighting the many benefits of being able to offer a single process operation together with the enhanced cleaning properties through using an aqueous system, Dino pointed out that it required considerable skill and technical knowledge to achieve success.

He considered that to be a successful wetcleaner, you must have the proper cleaning and drying machines; adhere to certain chemistry and be equipped with proper tensioning finishing equipment. Without those three components, you cannot do it.

Managing solvent choice was presented by Ali Merani of Our Cleaners in Barrie, Ontari. This was not intended to compare currently available solvents but to make cleaners aware of the numerous choices available and how some of the more recent legislation is starting to spread and include some of those. Of course, not all solvents are available in all countries but a great strength of IDC is that it can make its members aware of what might be available in the future and also what problems might be incurred.

Before closing the conference and moving to the Bali Hai Golf Club for the convention dinner, the incoming president, Marcus Taslim of Jeeves, Indonesia announced that the 2018 Convention would be in Jakarta in September 2018 and highlighted some of the cultural activities that could be undertaken in conjunction with the Convention.

Following an initial reception, the dinner opened with the usual recognition of representatives from the various countries in attendance. During the evening president, Lynnette Watterson presented plaques to Bill Odorizzi of Sankosha USA and Aslam Lodhi of Ace Cleaners, Napa, California USA in recognition of their outstanding service to IDC and, in particular for their efforts to ensure that the 2017 convention and post tour to California was such a success.

Executive director, Chris Tebbs thanked president Lynnette for all her hard work in the position as well as for her support of IDC over many years both as a member and as the regional vice president for California before assuming the president's role. To mark the occasion, he presented her with a plaque and the president's gavel. As noted at the conference, Lynnette will hand over to Marcus Taslim in October.

The following morning, Friday, 9 June, many of the delegates left for a post-convention tour to Napa Valley in California. This was a combination of business and pleasure with business visits to the Crystal Cleaning Centre in San Mateo, the Laundry Locker shop and factory, Alex's Cleaners in San Raphael and Ace Cleaners in Napa and social visits to the Golden Gate Bridge, lunch on the Napa Wine Train, the option of Golf in Silverado or a visit to the Caymus Vineyard and group dinners each evening including one at the noted Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco.

All round, this event was felt to be an excellent balance between the exhibition, the conference, business visits and the social camaraderie, and left many of the delegates with a mixture of new found friends and business ideas for the future. It also left everyone looking forward with great anticipation to the next event in Jakarta in September 2018.