Dexter Laundry, the commercial laundry equipment manufacturer has announced that LaundryOne, a commercial laundry equipment distributor has joined the company’s partner program as a Midwest distributor. Through the partnership, LaundryOne will expand the reach of Dexter Laundry’s brand throughout the Midwest.

LaundryOne will execute this partnership through a wholly-owned 60,000 square foot business unit and warehouse based in central Ohio and has just announced the launch their new website

LaundryOne serves three segments of the laundry industry, including coin-laundries, OPL (on-premise laundries), and multi-housing (route). It supplies Dexter washers and dryers and Yamamoto soft mount washers.

“We are grateful for the partnership extended by Dexter Laundry, Yamamoto, and many other manufacturers, said Thomas Duckworth, CEO of LaundryOne. “We look forward to serving our new customers and providing the highest quality and best-valued customer solutions. Customers want to use equipment that requires minimal service, offers the best ROI, and is user friendly. We are partnering with manufactures that provide these qualities.”