A new study from internet security firm ESET revealed that memory sticks, mobile phones and dead rats are just some of the items drycleaners found in dirty clothes during 2015.
ESET found that over 22,000 USB flash drives were left in the pockets of clothing sent to Britain’s drycleaners last year. Each of the 500 drycleaners surveyed had found on average just over four USB sticks.
The study also found that 973 mobile phones were left in pockets last year and, in one case, £1,600 in cash.
Other more peculiar findings included a dead rat, multiple doses of Viagra, dentures and lasagne and chips.
ESET said that while many of the missing USB drives were reunited with their original owners, customers needed to pay closer attention to protecting their data. "It is a huge concern that so many devices are being completely forgotten about by their owners, particularly in light of the fact that stories about the loss of crucial information are creating news headlines every day," said Mark James, security specialist at ESET.
"In the wake of recent security breaches against high profile organisations it is time for people to start taking their own security more seriously."