Fault: This acrylic fake-fur cover had localised impression marks after it had been drycleaned and finished.

Cause: Marks of this type are typical of those caused by chance contact with heat or a hot surface, followed by pressure, which results in deformation. This can occur at the end of the drying cycle in drycleaning, when the item at the bottom is squashed against the hot metal cage by the weight of those above. If an unwary operator handles the fabric while it is hot, this can lead to hand-print marks. Chance contact with a hot steam pipe near the press can also produce this result. Acrylic and modacrylic fabrics are most at risk but heat will also damage polyester in this way.

Responsibility: If the damage occurs in the drycleaning machine and the item is correctly care-labelled then the blame usually lies with the drycleaner. However, if the damage occurs outside the cleaning machine then, regardless of the labelling, the blame lies with the cleaner.

Rectification: None is possible.