After three years away due to challenging global circumstances, more than 200 people gathered to celebrate the achievements of Maytag Commercial Laundry customers at an Awards ceremony at The Clean Show wigth more than 40 customers from around the world in attendance. It was the company’s 61st awards ceremony and saw Northwest Laundry Supply awarded the prestigious Fred Maytag Award and Australia’s Dependable Laundry named International Distributor of the Year.

Jason Mathew, general manager, commercial laundry, commented: “Tonight we recognise the best in the industry and highlight customers who demonstrated remarkable results and commitment to our brand.” He explained that the Fred Maytag Award is the most historic, sought-after and reputable accolade within Maytag Commercial Laundry. It is presented to a company that not only excels in all three segments (Multi-Housing, Vended, OPL) but also showcases commitment to its partnership as a loyal Maytag ambassador.

Northwest Laundry was one of the first companies to purchase the new line of multi-load machines and promote them heavily, achieving great results, with excellent and significant year-over-year growth with multi-load machines in the vended and OPL segments.

“We're pleased to recognise Northwest Laundry Supply for establishing and maintaining impeccable relationships with their customers, as well as their commitment as a loyal Maytag ambassador,” said Amy Gardner, director of sales/service/parts, commercial laundry. “It's through this commitment that Maytag Commercial Laundry has built a reputation for trust and dependability."

Meanwhile, Australia-based Dependable Laundry was named the Maytag International Distributor of the Year. This award is bestowed on a company that substantially grows its business and deserves this level of recognition. During the past several years, Dependable has continued to grow by a significant, healthy amount while also expanding its sales offices, warehouses and service support throughout all of Australia.

Maytag also honoured 10 further outstanding additional customers:

  • PT Triton Internasional took home the Maytag Market Expansion Award. A Maytag distributor since 2009, PT Triton delivered excellent year-over-year growth, introduced a new window dryer product into the market and continued to grow its market share in the vend segment.
  • Wolf Laundry (UK) was honored as Maytag Outstanding First Year Performance International Award winner. Wolf had an outstanding 2021 and has set a milestone for international operations. 
  • Consolidated Laundry Equipment was named Maytag Outstanding First Year Performance Award winner for North America. Consolidated exceeded its initial quota and laid the groundwork for outstanding year-over-year growth.
  • was named Maytag Quality Partner of the Year. Hercules has always been open to collaborating and partnering with Maytag teams to provide information about product usage, which results in delivering real data quickly and the ability to change and adapt if issues arise.
  • Intertrade Chile S.A., was named Maytag Marketing Excellence International Award winner. This award signifies the importance of all marketing efforts, from day-to-day promotion to strategic long-term objectives. Intertrade has supported marketing Maytag products and programs for more than 25 years and recently opened a new state-of-the-art facility in Santiago.
  • Best Wash, Inc. was named Maytag Marketing Excellence Award winner for North America. Best Wash has maintained its level of excellence working with Maytag since 1987 and continues to retool its marketing objectives to ladder up to Maytag Commercial Laundry. As a “True Blue” distributor, Best Wash has had a steady, consistent presence of satisfied customers and great installations on its organic social media channels.
  • K-nex Corporation was presented with the Maytag Multi-Housing Excellence International Award. K-nex Corporation partnered with the country’s biggest public oil and retail business to invest in placing laundry services in all gas stations across the country. K-nex Corporation has demonstrated its commitment to service with a newly invested mobile laundry project that provides basic needs support with clean clothes and a place to bathe for the community in need.
  • WASH, Coinamatic and Hercules were named the Maytag Multi-Housing Excellence Award winner for North America. They have delivered excellent growth year-over-year for the Maytag brand. Additionally, they have a cross-functional partnership that works well across product development, service initiatives, lead generation and service data information.
  • Lavendería Automática Estrella was honoured as the Vended Excellence International Award winner. Their newest store is the first 100% Maytag® Equipped Laundry in a bright, welcoming and wonderful environment at the main entrance to a Walmart. The Estrella Group runs a network of laundromats that operate 24/7 and offer drop-off and delivery services. Its commitment to innovation has helped expand its visibility and level of operations.
  • Superior Laundry Equipment was tagged for the Vended Excellence Award for North America winner. Superior featured a working brand concept store and delivered significant year-over-year growth in units and has worked with Maytag for more than 20 years. Superior Laundry Equipment has demonstrated a consistent ability to solve difficult problems with flexibility, adaptability and tenacity.