Following extensive research and development designed to evaluate different coating options, Redfearns Wire Products has announced the availability of a new white coated wire hanger.

The Atlas Premier White, which is said to be the first white hanger manufactured in Europe, will be sold alongside Redfearns popular Atlas Bronze lacquered product, which currently sells more than 100 million units every year.

Lacquered coathangers, a company spokesman told LCN, offer significant advantages over the traditional galvanised wire coathanger, where problems of cleanliness and oxidisation of zinc under damp conditions can lead to marking of garments.

Benefits of lacquered wire coathangers, first introduced by Redfearns in 1978, include: excellent performance in use; resilience to all drycleaning solvents; and enhanced appearance.

The Atlas Premier White incorporates all these benefits and features a chip-proof resilient finish which, says the manufacturer, creates an attractive product with pristine, clean and sharp presentation.

The product is available in both 13 and 131/2 gauge, both with and without skirt notches.

Manufactured to the highest quality standards, Redfearns anticipate that the competitively priced Atlas Premier White hanger will prove particularly popular with drycleaners looking to enhance the presentation and perceived value of their finished products.