The Daytona Group of circuits has chosen the Nyborg dealer, OPL Limited, to provide equipment to launder the racesuits worn by its customers at its London and Milton Keynes karting circuits.

“The Sparco suits used by Daytona Raceways cost nearly £200 each,” said Marc Daniels from OPL. “We recommended that Daytona install a Nyborg 1103 washer-extractor, because of its large capacity and great washing quality and a HEM 289 hydro-extractor to extract as much water as possible, as the suits cannot be tumble dried,” he said.

Daytona hosts over 200 events each month and entertains more than 100 000 drivers per year. The suits go through approximately 250 to 300 washes a year each.

“It is imperative that our clients are provided with the cleanest suits and the laundry set-up that we now have in place ensures this,” said Jim Graham, Daytona marketing director.