Skirts provide the best example of the importance of presentation. Some cleaners do use professional skirt hangers but many rely on wire hangers with the skirt supported by metal or plastic clips or even safety pins. I believe that this latter approach does not give a very good impression and that if high street retailers presented skirts in this way, their sales would suffer.

Although skirts only represent around 10% of a drycleaner’s work, a much larger proportion of the work will be brought in by women. If they see skirts displayed professionally on purpose designed hangers and receive their own skirt on such a hanger, it will help to encourage repeat business. These hangers are much appreciated. They are simple to use and avoid the risk of clips or pins getting lost when the garment is replaced in the wardrobe. They also help to preserve a good finish. Bearing this in mind, I feel that the additional cost is relatively small and well worthwhile.

Jackets and suits form a large percentage of a drycleaner’s work so these must also be well presented. A professional moulded hanger will give a good impression, help to preserve the suit’s finish and please the customer. However, the additional cost is likely to be much higher than for a skirt hanger and garments stored on these hangers will need more space.