The Association for Linen Management (ALM’s) 2024 IMPACT conference took place in Salt Lake City recently with record breaking attendance and sponsor support. The conference experience included enhancements to the rapid business exchange IMPACTful Connections and more educational and business development opportunities than ever before. Featured presenters at the conference included Troy Nix, whose presentation, the Cadence of Leadership, brought the group to attention and Derek Parra, Olympic medallist, who shared his humbling and inspiring Reflections in the Ice.

John Stokes, vice president of Regional Sales at Jensen said: “I found both keynote speakers to be extremely passionate about their accomplishments as they should.  Troy truly displayed a passion for leadership and the outcomes of successful leadership. Derek’s message about perseverance truly shows hard work pays off.”

The expanded educational programming at the conference provided participants with a selection of topics that covered aspects in linen management, change management, leadership, staffing, and operational compliance.

“After two decades in the industry, it took me some time to become a part of ALM. However, in just a few meetings, I gained more knowledge than I had in the preceding 4-5 years,” cpmmented Josh Slone, Complete Textile Services. “What I appreciate about ALM is its top-notch education, networking opportunities, and its invaluable contribution to both my business's performance and my personal and professional development.”

One of the notable sessions, Collaborative Synergy, included presentations from association counterparts, TRSA, ARTA, IAHTM, and HLAC, who shared updates on their respective organizations along with avenues of current and potential collaborative efforts.

“I particularly enjoyed the session titled ‘Collaborative Synergy: Uniting the Laundry & Linen Industry’ because each presenting organisation is one, I actively engage with,” said Cecil Lee of Standard Textiles. It’s gratifying to witness collaborative efforts towards proactive solutions.”

IMPACT also provided many opportunities for networking and business development. From the casual conversations at breaks and during social events, to the tabletop displays and one-on one conversations during IMPACTful Connections, many opportunities were sparked.

New member, first-time attendee, and first-time sponsor, Randy Gregory with R.W. Martin said, “I thought IMPACTful Connections, or ‘speed dating’ was very valuable and I loved the 10-minute meet sessions.  The way I look at it is if we gain one customer from it, we’ve made it! I believe we will get many new customers from this one event. I found it quite impactful.” 

“We’re thrilled with all of the feedback pointing to this being the best ALM event ever,” said Sarah Brobeck, ALM’s executive director. “That means the pressure is on to take the 2026 IMPACT to even greater success and we’re up for the challenge.”