Now readily available from Rinnai are restart/spares kits for all those sites coming out of lockdown. The kits allow gas engineers to have the spares readily available for when they restart systems after the prolonged lockdown, ensuring provision of continuous flow hot water. 

Many engineers may not know or have information on exactly how systems were shut down. The restart kits allow engineers to rectify a fault without the need of multiple visits, ensuring a one-trip first time fix.

Illustration, right, shows a layout of manifolded Rinnai cf units. Inset: Rinnai’s training facility

According to Rinnai’s Pete Seddon: “It is best practise to have spares and not need them than to need spares and not have them! A Restart kit means no loss of use in delivering on-demand, temperature controlled and limitless hot water.”

The Restart Kit comprises: – essential maintenance spares including a service kit so that the servicing can be completed prior to full operation.

Continuous flow hot water delivery units and systems are the preferred choice for all commercial sites. The reason for this popularity is that continuous flow heating systems are proven to be more energy efficient than conventional ones. Rinnai units meet the demands of any size or type of site and are ideal where high volumes are demanded at intermittent times of the day, delivering safe temperature useable hot water.

Rinnai, the global leader, manufactures over two million water heaters every year and as such is at the forefront of creating unit cost advantages for installers.  The units offer all technological advances and innovations at a similar cost to lower specification competitor models.