The European Textile Services Association (ETSA) and Assosistema (the Italian National Association) are organising a two-hour information session on Friday 19 October from 10.30-12.30 in conference room LEM 1 at ExpoDetergo, Milan. It will showcase work carried out by National Associations worldwide in promoting the textile services industry and there will be contributions from Europe, including Italy, UK, Germany and Sweden, as well as USA and Australia.

The programme is as follows:

Sustainability, quality, innovation and development of the Italian laundry market – Marco Marchetti, President of Assosistema

Themes and topics TRSA are working on to support and benefit members – Kevin Schwalb, vice president of government relations and Ken Koepper, marketing/PR director of TRSA (US National Association)

Raising our profile and supporting our members – Philip Wright, CEO of TSA (UK National Association)

Current projects for textile services in Germany – Daniel Dalkowski, Head of the Berlin office/communications of DTV and Andreas Marek-Managing Director of Wirtex (German National Associations)

OPL vs textile service – Anna Bernstad Saraiva Schoft, AF Infrastructure AB, for the Swedish National Association
Selected recent projects for textile services in Australia – Anthony Kingsley, Board Director of Laundry Association Australia

Recent projects – Robert Long, Secretary General of ETSA.