The Davis Service Group, parent company of Sunlight Laundry Services,announced an increase in turnover of 61% to £191.3m (£118.8m).

This figure was before the costs associated with the integration of Spring Grove linen processing operation, which cost £6.4m, the Davis Group reported in its preliminary profit announcement for the year ended 31 December 1997.

Last year was one “of considerable activity and operatonal change within the division, driven by the process of integrating all aspects of the Sunlight and Spring Grove businesses”, said chief executive John Ivey.

  “The healthcare divison had an excellent year and was successful in obtaining a number of new hospital contracts,” he added.

Due to the high demand, Mr Ivey said, the company was planning to build a new plant in the Midlands this year.

“Once operational, it will extend our ability to supply surgical drapes and gowns to the Midlands and the North of England,” he commented.

Mr Ivey explained that with the addition of the Spring Grove operations in Germany and Ireland, together with the group’s Sunlight operations in France, the Davis Group had a combined turnover in the year of £28.4m, with an operating profit of £3.2m.