China Laundry Expo and Texcare Asia, the two major industrial exhibitions have announced that, based on the long-term consideration of promoting the development of the industry, the organisers of the two exhibitions will combine the exhibitions into one from 2019. The merged exhibition will be held annually in Shanghai.

A press conference and signing ceremony will be held at 10am on 18 July during China Laundry Expo 2018 in the M9 Conference Room, 2nd floor, Hall W2, SNIEC.

Organisers said that with the implementation of environmental protection policy, China’s laundry industry is facing new challenge and new opportunity in the coming years. The combined event will be the largest industrial laundry show in Asia, and will present more comprehensive and more advanced equipment, products and technologies to every laundry industry insider.

Laundry Expo 2018 will take place at Shanghai’s New International Expo Centre on 18-20 July and the organiser reports that the three-day show is expected to reach 23,000 square metres with over 1,300 stands. Laundry technology and related products of health, energy conservation and environmental protection, including waste water treatment technology, wet cleaning technology, energy conservation and emission reduction equipment, will become the focus of attention, according to China Laundry Association and Unifair Exhibition Service.

Celebrating 20 years in 2017, Texcare Asia’s show opened on Wednesday 27 September at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre in China. The show saw a significant climb in various areas, with exhibition space expanding to 20,000 sqm and a total of 169 international exhibitors (from 153 exhibitors in 2015) and welcomed 11,163 trade visitors (10,267 visitors in 2015).