Xeros, the developer of polymer bead-based textile cleaning, has released a publication that sets out a comparison of costs in operating a hotel in-house laundry.

Entitled “What is the True Cost of your Laundry Operation”, David Kaupp, Xeros’ VP global marketing, sets out the arguments for outsourcing a laundry operation, or managing it in-house with an on-premise laundry (OPL).

He says that hotel laundry expenditures are not easy to quantify. Many people believe that the cost of operating an OPL is based on only two lines on a P&L statement – labour cost and chemical cost, in addition to the initial investment in equipment. But he argues, hotels typically overlook many other costs including water, energy, maintenance, and repairs that are lumped in with other operations, or taken for granted as part of doing business. When looked at more closely, this can add thousands of dollars to the bottom line.

The white paper report concludes with a look at the Xeros Sbeadycare solution for customised laundry management and examines some of the savings achieved by hotels and hotel chains across the UK and USA.