The university is the first in the UK to use the eSuds system, developed by USA Technologies and marketed here by Circuit, a subsidiary of commercial laundry equipment distributor JLA of West Yorkshire. The system, installed by Circuit, also allows students to pay for their laundry online.

Jon Greenwood, director of commercial services at the University of York, says: “We are pleased to be the first to bring the Circuit eSuds system to our student body. We understand that students enjoy using the technology and it’s appropriate for the networked world students live in.”

Circuit managing director Richard Lee says: “Our goal is to ensure we provide our customers with the best possible solutions and make our laundry facilities more efficient, cost effective and safer. The Circuit eSuds system offers all that while responding to the emerging demand for networked laundry services.”

At present, 40 universities and colleges throughout the USA use the eSuds system.