In 2023, the Jensen-Group achieved an unprecedented revenue milestone of €400.1 million, compared to €341.6 million in 2022, representing exponential growth of 17.1%. This increase was attributed to an exceptionally high order backlog at the end of 2022, a strong order intake in the first semester, and a notable rebound of orders received in the second semester of 2023. “This achievement highlights our sustained growth and solidified market position. The notable increase in operating profit, standing now at €40.7 million, is a direct result of profitable growth,” said the company.

EXECUTIVE ELITE: Pictured:  The new executive management team of the Jensen-Group. Standing: Fabian Lutz/CDO, Jesper Munch Jensen/CEO, Mads Andresen/CIO; Seated: Markus Schalch/CFO, Martin Rauch/COO

Recognition from laundries around the world
Healthcare, hospitality and also industrial laundry services in all nations have seen a strong rebound, matching the levels seen before the Covid-19 pandemic. This renewed growth is prompting laundry facilities to explore innovative solutions that improve hygiene standards and enhance operational efficiency and align with their sustainability goals.

The Jensen-Group accurately recognised the rising demand for automated solutions employing robotics and AI. “Throughout our fifth year of collaboration with Inwatec Aps, numerous new laundries were established across all continents, where robotics were seamlessly integrated alongside tunnel washers and finishing lines. These automated solutions contribute significantly to the overall sustainability of laundries by extending the lifespan of textiles and machines while ensuring the highest standards of health and safety.”

Recognition from the financial markets
The operating profit of the Jensen-Group in 2023 stands at €40.7 million, marking a substantial increase that will undoubtedly be recognised by the financial markets. On January 15 2024, the Jensen-Group was honoured with the BEL Small Company of the Year 2023 Award at the Euronext & GUBERNA New Year 2024 event in Brussels. “This recognition is a testament to the outstanding performance of our shares, surpassing all companies in their peer group and significantly exceeding the average all-share index. The performance of our shares reflects how the market evaluates the performance of a publicly traded company and the trust analysts and investors place in it. This achievement is particularly noteworthy as an industrial company surpassing consumer or other brands is very particular,” said the company.

Investments for a successful future
To prepare for the next phase of growth, the Group executed several key investments in 2023. This included acquiring 49% of the shares of Inax Corporation, a leading Japanese manufacturer and distributor of commercial laundry equipment. Additionally, the Group acquired Ole Almeborg, a manufacturing facility on the island of Bornholm intended to supplement production space. Alongside this acquisition, the Group committed to additional capital expenditures of €6 million for 2024. Furthermore, investments were made in larger production premises for Inwatec, the Group’s AI and robotics subsidiary in Denmark.

Expansion of the executive management team
On 1 January 2024, Mads Andresen became a member of Jensen’s executive management team in his new role as chief innovation officer. He will enhance the framework for innovative advancements in all Jensen technologies and play a crucial role in further defining the integration strategy for robotics, AI, and machine learning within the Jensen-Group operations.

The Group's aim for 2024 is to maintain momentum and solidify its market position and profitability level by relentlessly focusing on commercial excellence and manufacturing productivity. The Group will continue to drive customer-centricity and sustainable innovation through the development of new products and services and by means of its participating interest in Inwatec ApS, while further enhancing the optimization and digitalization of business processes and applications.

Jensen-Group CEO, Jesper Munch Jensen, is delighted with the results: “Over the past few years, we have become the number one market leader in heavy-duty laundry equipment, surpassing our competitors in innovation leadership and revenue.”